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Gear Reviews

My Personal Product / Gear Reviews

As I have previously mentioned, we get to put some gear through the real test, in ways that the average guy may not, and in the process, we come to some opinions as to what actually works, and what doesn’t. Of course, some guys will say “I have no intention of using my gear the way a guide or outfitter would” and this is a legitimate point for most, but some folks want to know what holds up in the long run, so I will attempt to review the occasional item. My opinions are of course just that, and I have no particular benefit in promoting any given item since I am not affiliated with any manufacturers or sponsors. If you are the proud owner of one of the products that I ridicule you can always rest assured that someone on another website will be applauding the product I am disgusted with, and please don’t e-mail me and tell me how great your product really is, since I will have already used it, and my personal condemnation of a product comes from my personal experience. I will use a rating system of 1 to 5 ‘s, with  being pretty stinking lousy in my opinion, and  being great, and something worth using again!

The following is a list of the reviews.

Koflach Degre Synthetic Boots August 2003
Cabela’s Gold Medal Dry-Plus®  Stockingfoot Waders – Waist August-September 2004
Princeton Tec Aurora Hadlamp August 2003
La Sportiva Nepal Extreme August-September 2005
La Sportiva Trango S EVO GTX August 2006-February 2008
Simms G3 Guide Pant (waders) August 2010-February 2018
Petzl Myo XP RXp Headlamp May 2012-April 2013
Kifaru Longhunter Guide Backpack August 2003
Camp Time Pack Stool August 2003
Iridium Satellite Phones (Motorala Model 9500 and 9505)
Coleman Apex II Dual Fuel Stove 2000-2001
The Northface Evolution 45 and Himalayan 47 August-September 2004
GSI Outdoors Lexan® 32oz. Fairshare Mug 2003-2005
Hilleberg Kaitum August 2006-January 2011
Hilleberg Nammatj 2 September 2009-April 2013