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Pricing Information

Due to our inability to predict so many possible events, such as game management areas being shut down, transportation changes, etc., we prefer to discuss hunt prices directly with potential clients. This also protects us to a certain degree from our competitors.

Hunts often have variables that must be figured into the price, such as the number of individuals booking at the same time, locations, which can vary according to the desire of the hunter. For instance, we might offer a moose hunt for $15,500 that will get an individual into normal moose country, and this hunter has a chance to get an average moose, but we are not going to offer a moose hunt in the hottest locations in the state, areas that often involve excessive transport charges, for this same price. This is simply how it works in this business, that is you get what you pay for, and you can expect to pay more for the premium opportunities.

It is a known fact that the base price for any Alaska hunt is simply that, a base price, for everyone finds out sooner or later that other expenses do accumulate, and are often substantial. License fees, tags, and transportation cost to Alaska, and then in, and out of the bush are to be considered, as well as meat, and trophy processing. Outfitters that act as if they are doing you a favor by not charging you in state transportation, are just taking advantage of the misinformed hunter. We all have to make up for this cost, whether we add it into a hunt, or not, no one is flying for free in this country. To be perfectly honest, it is our greatest expense. To give someone a realistic idea of the cost of a hunt, just figure at least another 25-30% onto the base price of any hunt. Taxidermy alone can add several grand to the total cost of any hunt, depending on what you want to be done with a trophy.

Brown bear hunts can be had for $9,000 and perhaps even cheaper in some areas, but all of this is irrelevant if your chances of seeing a bear are virtually non-existent. If you plan to hunt brown bear on the famed Alaska Peninsula, you can expect to pay $18,000 to $26,000 and more, depending on the areas, and outfits you talk to. Don’t expect to get a Peninsula hunt for the price of a hunt in the Susitna Valley.

All in all, very few individuals ever regret the expense, even those who go home with only memories. For our basic price list, and references please use the link below, or download the file in (PDF).