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Right Time, Wrong Bear

The early morning snow did not provide much in the way of tracking material, but we made an effort anyway, wandering around the perimeter of the large marsh just south of our camp. A decent bear had presented my hunter with a shot opportunity on the second day of the hunt, howbeit a five-second opportunity, but my hunter thought the bear was too far away. I didn’t think the bear was any further than 275 yards, but it was irrelevant after the grizzly swirled into the bush and disappeared. Now it was day five and we had just spent half the day wading a knee-deep marsh to make our way back to camp.

Hard Cast in the Casull

A hunter uses a .454 Casull with hard cast bullets to take a 65″ bull at close range It was the third day of our client’s ten-day hunt for Alaskan moose, but we had not seen anything; no moose, no bear, nothing but brush and marsh and spruce thickets. Obviously we were beginning to get […]

Beaver Dam Bear

Read about the unique end of an Alaskan brown bear in a beaver colony. We spent the early part of the day working our way toward what we had hoped was a vantage point to glass a neighboring river system, but without success. The terrain was just too gradual to afford much of a look […]

Glacier Rams

The sun was heading toward the other side of the valley, and things were getting frustrated on top of the glacier where we were piled up like so many rocks, trying to make a judgment call on a couple of rams among a group of six. It was somewhere close to 6 O’ Clock in […]

Double Trouble

Story of a great double on incredible Chugach Mountain Rams One of the things many first time hunters in Alaska discover is the fact that the hunting is not what they may have dreamed of. Most guys simply believe they are going to see animals in great densities that rival the Serengeti, and they are […]

Father & Son Pursue Trophy Dall Sheep

The following is an account of one of our 2005 sheep hunts as told by Len Anderson. The father/son hunting team of Len and Dennis Anderson was guided by Derek Harbula and Jesse Ryder. “Just don’t look back” we kept reminding ourselves as we spider crawled through the rocky chutes on 60 degree slopes. One […]

A Spring to Remember

Over the course of years some of us hear a lot of stories about the pursuit of wild animals in wild places, and some of us are privileged to share in such experiences. The Alaska Peninsula is one of those wild places that impresses the mind with a certain magnificence that typically defies description. It […]

No Bear Mountain

Learning the ins and outs of spring brown bear is not an overnight adventure, in truth it may take one decades to really learn bears at all, but this past spring confirmed some of my thoughts in regards to the large carnivores. We decided to hunt a mountain that we had struck out on before, […]

On A Certain Lazy Creek

Big Bores Leave Scars Thunder pealed from the end of the .458 Lott that my client had borrowed from me while I tried to keep my binocs focused on the bear that had been bedded around 2oo yards above us. A long second, perhaps two elapsed before the bear plunged downhill on a dead run, […]

It Can Be Easy

2014 Spring Hunts Going Smoothly as One Can Ever Hope There is little doubt that a man can put in a lot of time in pursuit of big game and never get a really big break, or an easy hunt as we would say. As a master guide, having pursued big game in Alaska for […]