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2020 is not that far off!

If you are looking to book a hunt in Alaska you probably don’t need to be trying to do it just a couple of months out, because it leaves little room for options and very often there are simply no slots left with many outfitters, and I can tell you that 2020 will likely be a very full and busy season for us, especially with the great spring brown bear season coming around again on the Alaska Peninsula.

Peninsula brown bear
Another great spring brown bear from 2016

We will likely only have one available slot at this time, at the most two so it is time to get it booked @ $20,500!

Sheep will be limited as well since we simply don’t like putting too much pressure on this very limited resource so don’t wait if it on your list of dream hunts!

Check out our updated price list and stay tuned for more details on what to expect for the 2019 and 2020 seasons!